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Immigration to Europe

Business immigration to Europe

Immigration to Europe is the process of moving to a permanent place of residence in any country of the European Union. It is based on obtaining a residence permit (and not a visa) and provides the same opportunities and rights as the EU citizens.

Immigration to Europe

Do you want to live a full life, enjoy the beauty, lying on the seashore, always be safe and know that you are cared for? Then it is time to think about business immigration in Europe.

The easiest way to go abroad is to register a company in Europe and move in through owning a business. The main question is which country to choose for immigration.

Business immigration to Europe differs from country to country. If you open a business in Germany, you will need to invest a very large amount to obtain a residence permit. Other countries offer business immigration for a loyal price, while register a company in Europe in any country allows you to conduct business throughout the European Union.

The main obstacles for business immigration to Europe can be primarily the high cost, high taxes, a completely different mentality of people, as well as the problem of finding the right experts for your business (this is also the main role of the mentality).

If you are interested in immigration to Europe through the purchase of real estate, then the best option is Latvia and Spain. A residence permit in Latvia is issued to an alien who has purchased a property for an amount not less than 250 thousand Euro. In Spain, this amount is at least 500 thousand Euro.